Maria is a personal trainer with high recommendations.

Maria has an excellent technical eye and helped me to fine tune my skills in a single and a double in preparation for racing. She is an encouraging and positive instructor who recommended many helpful drills and exercises to improve my stroke.

Virginia, 56

I have been working out with Maria for a few years. Beyond the fact that I feel part of the family , she keeps me very motivated to keep going even when I whine. She is no nonsense and quite varied in her technique.
She is a well rounded trainer who know how to get the job done.
I am 75 and look much younger, and I am sure it is because of Maria! 🙂   

Barry, 75

Maria took me out in my single shell and quickly identified two key pieces of technique for me to work on. Each one, when corrected, also corrected associated parts of the stroke so that by the end of the lesson I was rowing more efficiently overall. She also identified a drill that I had never tried and which resets my technique whenever I do it. Maria is also skilled at assessing each athlete’s fitness and taking limitations into account, on the way to developing a comprehensive fitness program.

Juanita, 55

I started CrossFit for the first time this Fall with Maria to increase my overall strength, power, and conditioning specifically to improve my rowing and erg scores. After a few short months of training with Maria I set PRs for the 6k and 2k erg tests. I feel very prepared for the spring and summer season of sculling and sweep rowing and I’m looking forward to winning races. Maria has been a great CrossFit coach and I plan to continue training with her throughout the year.

Peter, 60

I have had a couple of trainers in the last 5 years but Maria is a whole different beast. I’ve now been doing sessions with her for over a year and I still leave feeling accomplished and challenged. Both her personal sessions and her group classes are great and she brings a wealth of personal experience as well as education to her training. She knows how to work with the first-timer all the way to the experienced athlete and she always makes sure to mix it up and keep things interesting.
She’s well worth the time, I’m so glad I found her.

Nicole, 32

I’ve been a regular gym goer most of my life. I decided to try a few training sessions with Maria to learn a few new things and to re-energize my workouts. I never thought I’d still be seeing her weekly for over a year now.

She keeps my workouts motivated and knows her stuff. Highly recommended and always a great time. Thanks Maria!

Sam, 41

I’m a regular at the gym but was looking for something to reignite my motivation. Maria’s TRX/rowing class did just that. Maria coached me through the fundamentals of rowing and provided the extra motivation to get to the gym that I was missing. I would strongly recommend the class and Maria for anyone looking for something a little different in their gym routine.

Tripp, 44

Maria is AMAZING! To be honest, I am not the most athletic person and feared personal training. Maria has always made me feel comfortable and instilled confidence in me. She does a great job of assessing your abilities and modifying the workout for you.

She tries to make exercise a part of your lifestyle and not something that you dread doing. Maria’s personality makes it easy to get through the workouts though you may feel it the next day. Maria has the ability to motivate you in and outside of the gym. I highly recommend her!

Bindi, 38

Maria will whip you into shape and you won’t even notice the pain (until the next day when you can’t walk up stairs without wincing) because she’s THAT fun!

As someone who has taken both personal training sessions and attended her group boot camps, I highly recommend her as a trainer/fitness coach. She works a variety of techniques (weight lifting, resistance training, cross fit, yoga, HIIT, rowing) into her sessions making sure you are constantly challenged.

The best part is her friendly attitude that knows exactly when to push you and when to modify a workout to best suit you. You’ll never feel like a dollar sign or a dolt with her because she takes the time to get to know you and wants you to get the most out of her workouts.

Marghet, 37

Maria is a professional. That is the biggest thing. Training, coaching, motivating is her passion and it shows.  I like to talk and have been able to get past trainers to wander with me but Maria is never fooled. Don’t get me wrong, we have fun and engage but she always keeps me going and ensures that I get the most out of my workout.  🙂       

Molly, 51

I began with to train with Maria a few years ago to gain strength & also relieve back and shoulder pain. She was incredibly professional working with me in building my core plus making workouts interesting and fun.  I highly recommend her as a trainer. Maria won’t waste your time and you’ll feel so much better after your sessions. 

Chris, 52