Maria indoor rowing.

Why Rowing?

Rowing isn’t just for those with experience.  It is a full body sport that has the ability to transform your life at any age. You can practice rowing at a gym or in the comfort of your own home.  Maria offers a wide variety of programming that ranges from group coaching for beginners to individualized , elite workouts. Regardless of where you are in your journey, she has the experience to enhance your performance.

Indoor Rowing Coaching

Rowing truly is a standalone in the world of sport because of it’s cardiovascular and strength training benefits.  It’s low impact and targets your upper body, lower body and core muscles all at once. The best part is that rowing is completely customizable depending on your personal goals.  As your coach, Maria will work with you to create tailored programming to support you in enhancing your stamina, strength, speed, and physique goals.  She offers both in-person and virtual coaching for her athletes as well as online programming only.

Rowing Clinics

Are you a coach, athlete or rowing enthusiast who wants to improve your stroke and gain speed? This cost-effective clinic is designed with you in mind.  In this 3 hour session, we will review correct rowing mechanics to enhance performance from overall body position to leg drive. Individualized videos are taken of each participant and emailed following the clinic.