In-Home Training

Maria will train you in the comfort of your home or preferred outdoor location.  After doing an initial intake session to better understand your goals, she will create a systematic and thoughtful fitness program that both challenges you and ensures you achieve results.  Your sessions together are constantly varied so that you have fun, stay engaged and continue to see fitness gains. Her specialties include rowing, strength training, Olympic lifting, functional training, mobility, metabolic conditioning, and sports performance, enhanced speed and agility, as well as weight gain, loss or maintenance goals.

Workouts may include:

  • Resistance training: including free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, and manual resistance work.
  • Circuit training: involving resistance training and cardiovascular training combined
  • Interval training: involves a series of low- to high-intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods.
  • Cardiovascular training: focused on target heart rate training
  • Core training: emphasizes working on all aspects of the core
  • Balance, stretching and flexibility.

Maria specializes working with the 50+ year old crowd, athletes of all abilities, pre/post natal moms, kids of all ages, the every day person looking to lose fat and gain muscle.