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I’ve been working as a coach and personal trainer for the past 15 years. Most trainers deliver workouts, I provide solutions. Solutions to your fitness problems. Time spent with me is time spent transforming your attitudes about fitness and getting results from your efforts. I work with individuals of all levels and abilities: elite, collegiate and high school athletes, kids, baby boomers and the elderly. The workouts I design offer variety and constantly challenge you to learn something new.  While this keeps your workouts fresh, it also teaches your body to adapt and keeps your mind from getting bored.  My specialties are in rowing, Olympic lifting, pre and post natal training, functional training, mobility, metabolic conditioning, sports performance, speed and agility, muscle toning and development, weight loss, and strength gain. I offer one on one and small group training services.
Session Length: 1 hour or 30 minutes

BooMaria running outside during boot camp.t Camp:

Boot Camp workouts are a great way to get fit and burn calories. This outdoor workout will work your entire body by going from one exercise to the next without rest. The workouts include calisthenics such as pushups, jump rope, crunches.  Other bodyweight exercises such as medicine ball passes, sandbag runs, thrusters and kettlebells are added in for some weighted fun.  Your challenge in boot camp is to push your body to its limit. You work, you sweat, and best of all you burn calories like crazy to deliver your beach-ready body with a motivating group of individuals sweating there with you.
Session Length: 1 hour

Maria RowingRowing Lessons: Sculling


One-on-one rowing session for the novice or elite rower on or off the water. Develop your rowing skills at a pace and schedule that works for you. Set and achieve goals to maximize your technique and conditioning. Review a video of each water practice with your coach. No experience in sculling required.
Session Length: 1 Hour


The emphasis of each small group on the water session varies depending on the skill level of the athlete. Novice rowers will primarily focus on technique while more experienced scullers will focus on maximizing speed and efficiency during competition. This package includes a monthly training program with sculling, indoor rowing and CrossFit workouts.

Groups are arranged by you so that you are rowing with people at your own skill level unless you request your coach to match you up with a group according to your level of experience. Group is capped at 4 people.
Session Length: 1.5 Hours

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Written by: Maria Brezler

Maria Brezler has been a fitness expert and wellness coach for the past 15 years.